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The primary goal was this project is to emulate the Commodore LCD computer, thus its name is "XCLCD" (CLCD = Commodore LCD).
Please visit my site about the Commodore LCD computer. However now, it even emulates the Commodore 65 (and also the VIC-20).

You can read more about this project, and the Commodore 65 emulation too in this blog entry of mine.

Commodore 65 emulator

But now, the main topic on this page is the Commodore 65 emulator, of course. It should run on at least Linux (Raspberry Pi is included) and Windows (win32).
The ROM (ie, see screenshots, about the version) is the original, no need for patched ROM, or some other tricks.
Home of the project with source code: github.com/lgblgblgb/xclcd.
You can find details about the usage, problems, etc there too (scroll down the page for the README, and seek for the Commodore 65 related part).

Binary builds (mainly for Windows users, .win32 files are .exe for real): dist.zip
Please note: binary builds can be old/unstable, if you have a chance, you should use the source code (Use the Source, Luke!) to compile your own!

On Linux, you may want to redirect the stdout and stderr to /dev/null, otherwise it will be flooded with debug messages, which also slows the emulator down a lot!

Some screenshots

Sorry about the quality ... Actually, the emulated C65 screen is in full screen mode, scaled up to fit, then screenshot scaled it down ... So the result is quite well ... interesting :)

Nice to see you, C65! :)

Some disk access (D81 files) seems to work now ...

A C65 demo (!!) from the "K2 group". This is actually a bitplane mode image with 320*200 in 256 colour mode (uses 8 VIC-III bitplanes). Because of the early status of my emulator, the rest of the demo is not so much working, but at least we can see a busty woman :)

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